The Road to Financial Recovery is Full of Fun Obstacles

I’ve just finished week two and I’ve already blown my budget. I haven’t purchased anything outside of necessities. Mostly. I had some unexpected expenses. Let’s take a look.

January budget after rent and utilities:

  • Massage: $123
  • Groceries: $200
  • Medical: $225
  • Vaping:$250

Week 1:

  • Massage: $28
  • Groceries: $60
  • Medical: $110.25
  • Vaping: $47.11

I ended up with an awful head cold. So, I had the bright idea to go grocery shopping on the way home from work one day. I was starved, exhausted, sick, and full of cravings. It amounted to a $41.01 junk food binge. I need to figure out a plan for these hard days.

Week 2:

  • Massage: New: $0. Total: $28
  • Groceries: New:$50.89 Total: $130.00
  • Medical: New: $409.97 Total: $523.00
  • Vaping: New: $38.84 Total: $85.95

Medical Expenses

I was hit with my 3 month prescription renewal and a deductible this month. Cha-ching!I have two medical appointments, so I will be adding $40 to that number this month.


My goal of quitting vaping is on-track. However, I’m worried that I have relied on an overflow and emergency stashes from previous weeks, and that I haven’t actually reduced any vaping yet … which means the next few weeks will be much harder. I’ll make it this week, but I’m worried about the weeks ahead. If it’s bad, I’ll have to choose a weekend to go cold turkey or use cessation aids. I’ve stopped on my own before successfully for several years. But, I forgot as a nicotine addict, I can’t flirt with smoking, not even one drag.


I have $70 to cover 3 weeks of grocery shopping, after my junk food binge. I am concerned because this week, when I was only buying added ingredients for meat I already have and I was making inexpensive recipes. Groceries in Colorado are extremely expensive and we don’t really have discount stores like Aldi’s.

Credit Cards

I’m still on track to make a huge credit card payment, but not quite what I hoped for.

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